August 4

Your Health Insurance – How It Works and How to Use It: A Train-the-Trainer Session

Amy DeMarco, MPA
Amy DeMarco, MPA

Amy DeMarco, MPA, Institute for Healthcare Advancement

This Train-the-Trainer session lead by Amy DeMarco walked attendees through the process of providing the “Your Health Insurance” training to current or potential clients. This training covered:

  1. What it means to have it
  2. What it is and how it works
  3. What it covers and what it may not cover
  4. How to use it to stay as healthy as possible
  5. How to keep it now that you have it

DeMarco introduced some scenarios clients may have faced if they were uninsured and how their new benefits can protect them from high hospital costs or putting off getting care. She then explained common health insurance terms in plain language and asked participants to share how they have explained these terms to clients.

The ten essential health benefits were explained as well as what a typical marketplace plan may not cover. Attendees shared their remedies for covering these gaps in coverage, like taking vision prescriptions to big box stores that can make glasses at a lower rate or adding on dental coverage outside of the marketplace with their new insurer. She shared instructions on where clients can get more information on their benefits, costs, and providers.

The presenter discussed 8 steps clients can take to stay healthy:

  1. Understand your health coverage.
  2. Know where to go for care when you are sick
  3. Find a provider.
  4. Make an appointment.
  5. Be prepared for the visit.
  6. Decide if the provider is right for you.
  7. Follow the health plan you and your doctor agreed on.
  8. Take the time to read about your prescription plans.

Lastly, 5 tips to helps consumers keep their health insurance were shared:

  1. Pay your premium(s) on time.
  2. Understand your medical bills and pay them on time.
  3. Tell your marketplace and  health insurer about any changes in your contact information.
  4. Tell your marketplace when you have a life change.
  5. Renew your coverage.

The session closed with feedback, scenarios, and examples from participants on what strategies they have employed to help clients understand and use their health coverage. Attendees also discussed the different barriers faced throughout the nation in their states and communities and how they have worked to help clients overcome these barriers.


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