Our Publications – Books/Micro-Pubs

IHA offers a book series and a customizable micro-pub series.

Both are engaging and easy to understand, with a focus on managing your health or the health of a loved one.

Research shows that 88% of American adults do not have the ability to understand and use health information effectively. These publications offer a solution to this problem. They are written by healthcare professionals and experts in health literacy.

Written at a 3rd-5th grade reading level

Available in multiple languages

No medical jargon & liberally illustrated

Who uses our publications?

City, County and State Agencies  |  Hospitals  |  Parents  |  Head Start  |  Schools  |  ESL learners  |  Caregivers  |  Seniors  |   Health Plans

IHA what to do health book series

What To Do For Health Books

Managing Your Health Micro-Pubs

What health experts say about our publications:

Pam Pimentel

Executive Director of MOMS Orange County

" I have been involved with educating mothers about well child and sick child care for almost 30 years, and I believe What To Do When Your Child Gets Sick is one of the best teaching tools available for the community at large"

Pam Proctor

Yoakum County Family Literacy, Denver City, TX

" If I had one wish, I would wish that all new parents had to take a course with your books for babies. I would send one of the baby books home with all new parents when they leave the hospital. We all know that babies do not come with ‘how to’ information!"