Advanced Health Communication: A 3-Day In-Depth Class for Creating Effective Materials


Advanced Health Communication: A 3-Day In-Depth Class for Creating Effective Materials

Led by Janet Ohene-Frepong and Jann Keenan

This comprehensive course on health communication will touch on core principles then dive into advanced concepts of creating and producing easy to read health materials. You’ll get hands on experience in print and digital media, that integrate plain language strategies with organizational goals and user needs. You will have the opportunity to apply learned concepts to your own projects in order to design cross cultural, multi-media solutions that achieve results.

Monday May 2 – Wednesday May 4, 2016
Standard Rate: $1,195.00
Special Rate*: $ 995.00
Group Rate: $895.00 (For 3 or more from 1 organization)

*Special rate applies to Government, Non-Profits and Academia. Please call for more information 800-434-4633.

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The Instructors

Award-winning instructors, Jann Keenan, Ed.S. and Janet Ohene-Frempong, M.S., have each been in the field of health literacy, plain language and cross-cultural communication for over 25 years. They have conducted workshops and provided consultation on plain language and cross-cultural communications for a wide range of health information providers, including:

  • health care systems
  • government agencies
  • health insurers
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • medical publishers
  • health and human service agencies and
  • schools of medicine, nursing and allied health

They are each invited speakers at national and international conferences. Based on years of firsthand experience in editing and developing reader-friendly print, digital and multi-media materials, they will be sharing insights, not often found in any books or guides.

Advanced Health Communication
A 3-Day In-Depth Class for Creating Effective Materials



  1. List 3 key differences between low literacy writing and plain language writing.
  2. Give 3 examples of how selected traditional writing guidelines and some style guides can make some information harder for certain readers to find, read and understand information.
  3. List 3 important steps to take when working with a graphic artist or a design team to increase the likelihood that readers will more easily find, read and understand information provided or requested.
  4. List 3 important steps to take when planning to conduct and use target audience research.
  5. List 3 differences between writing regulatory versus non-regulatory content.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to effectively analyze a sample document and identify key opportunities to make information easier to find read, understand, and relate to.
  7. Demonstrate the ability to effectively “reword” and also “rewrite” the same sample document to make the information easier to find, read, understand and/or relate to.


A series of interactive sessions designed to strengthen skills in writing for readerships of people who have marginal reading skills, who are unfamiliar with a particular body of information, and/or who are simply busy dealing with competing priorities.

DAY 1:

Includes a brief review of core guidelines then a focus on more advanced guidelines for effectively conveying or collecting information using print and digital media.

  1. Why effective health-related communication can be a challenge to achieve, within organizations, and why it is worth the effort.
  2. Making information LOOK easy to read.
  3. Making information easy to find.
  4. Making information easy to relate to.
  5. Making information easy to read and, when needed, quantify.



Provides a day-long opportunity to, individually and in groups, apply core and advanced guidelines to the review and revision of different types of formats on different types of subjects.

Formats include, but are not limited to: print and digital booklets, letters, and forms

Subjects include but are not limited to: disease management, medication, health insurance, and marketing information

Offers participants hands on practice time to craft their individual projects with guidance and one-on-one consultation with the trainers. We will also provide a piece of material to work on for those who are not bringing their own material.

NOTE: Plan to bring along a laptop. Thumb drives and a printer will be provided.

A wrap-up session provides an opportunity to review lessons learned, ask remaining questions and make additional points


Those who write, design or edit health and healthcare information for any of the following:

  • Public Health Organizations
  • Community Health Organizations
  • Clinical Care Organizations
  • Hospitals and Healthcare Systems
  • Health Insurance and Managed Care Companies
  • Pharmaceutical  Companies
  • Biotechnology Companies
  • Disease Associations
  • Healthcare Advocacy Organizations
  • Academic Institutions
  • Other Related Organizations