Grants/Discounted Books


Grants for nonprofits and educational organizations for the book series

IHA offers our What To Do For Health book series to qualifying groups at a substantially reduced price:

  • Our Nonprofit Grant Book Program helps qualifying nonprofit organizations distribute books to the people who need them most.
  • Our Educational Grant Book Program helps K-12 school and adult literacy programs distribute books to be used as teaching tools.

To be considered for one of the programs, your nonprofit group or educational program will need to submit an application explaining how the books will be used.

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Please be sure to download the PDF application and open the application in Acrobat Reader. Once you have finishing entering the requested information, click the “Submit” button on the last page of the PDF. The form and its data will be sent using your email application.[/message]

  • Or call us at 800.434.4633. We’ll send you an application via fax, email, or mail.
  • Once we get your application, we will contact you within 30 days. IHA retains the right to deny any application.


Program guidelines for discounted books

  1. If your organization qualifies for either program, your agency may receive up to 1,000 books per order at just $5.50 per book, plus shipping and handling. Groups in California also pay the California sales tax.
  2. If you discover you need more books after your initial 1,000-book order, please call us at 800.434.4633.
  3. Nonprofit organizations and educational groups who receive books at this reduced rate will be required to write a brief report on how the books were used and their impact on the readers and families who used them.
  4. Once you get the books, you can’t resell them.
  5. A group can qualify for EITHER the Nonprofit Grant Book Program OR the Educational Grant Book Program, but not both.
  6. Teacher’s Training Manuals are available only at the full rate.


Additional funding sources

Even with reduced pricing, it can be difficult for nonprofits and educational groups to purchase the number of books they need. To help with additional funding, you may want to reach out to:

  • Your state: Some states set aside funds for education and community health. For example, in California, funds from tobacco taxes can be used for health education.
  • Community and religious groups and school districts who hold literacy classes at their site
  • Local charities who promote education and health
  • Employers who wish to reduce work days missed when parents stay home with a sick child