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What To Do When Your Child Is Heavy

About this book:

  • ISBN: 978-0-9720148-4-7 (English Edition)
  • RRP: $12.95
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English, Spanish

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Parents of heavy children often know they should do something, but don’t know where to start. Don’t let the negative health effects of being overweight take control!

This book is an ideal resource for parents with a heavy child. It uses real-world examples and plain language to explain how children can live well. Parents learn how to portion meals, choose the right foods, and encourage a healthy lifestyle for their child. Plus, find expert guidance on diet-related issues like diabetes, eating disorders, and allergies.

This book is an essential resource for parents of heavy children who want to help them live healthier. 

About This Book:

  • Real-world examples of portion sizes and meals
  • Written at a 5th-grade reading level for easy comprehension
  • Helpful illustrations to highlight key points
  • 185+ pages of easy-to-understand advice