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What To Do When You’re Having a Baby

About this book:

  • ISBN: 978-0-9701245-6-2
  • RRP: $12.95
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English, Spanish

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Having a baby is a life-changing experience. But most women don’t know what to expect during pregnancy even though this is a crucial stage of your baby’s development.

Written by nurses and designed to help women have healthy babies, this book features over 200 pages of easy-to-read advice. It also has over 150 illustrations to help readers navigate every aspect of pregnancy. Learn what happens during each doctor visit, what monthly body changes to expect, and which tests may be needed. Readers also love the interactive chart for tracking doctor appointments and weight gain throughout their pregnancy.

This is an excellent resource for first-time mothers and any expecting women who want a refresher to ensure a healthy pregnancy for themselves and their baby..

About This Book:

  • 200+ pages of easy-to-read content & 150+ helpful illustrations
  • An interactive chart to keep track of doctor visits and weight gain
  • Month-by-month advice for handling pregnancy changes
  • Written by nurses, reviewed by doctors and parents