August 4

Session B: What’s in a Word? The Translation of Information and the Client/Translator Relationship

Wilma Alvarado-Little, MA, MSW
Wilma Alvarado-Little, MA, MSW

Wilma Alvarado-Little, MA, MSW, Alvarado-Little Consulting, LLC

Wilma Alvarado-Little began her session with the following question: what is the difference between bilingual, interpreting, and translating?  She then followed with a discussion on the importance of understanding each when communicating and marketing.  The art of communication is a powerful tool. Alvarado-Little suggests seeking professional services when seeking a translator and/or interpreter expertise in order to ensure quality and consistency.

She recommended approaching the creation of materials with caution as the message could easily be confused depending on the audience.  Alvarado-Little spent time discussing cultural competency and how aspects of the community and target population should be integrated into materials creating documents that are sensitive to many perspectives and health literacy.

Alvarado-Little recommended including the following aspects to complete a successful translation project having a clear understanding of the project, making sure to plan ahead, having a final version of the document to be translated and revised for content before submission for translation, and allowing enough time for translation to be completed.



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